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Low Vision Services

Our certified low vision specialist mans this rehabilitative optometry unit which is equipped with optical and electronic devices to cater for visual disabilities that cannot be completely corrected with prescription eye-wear, medication and surgery

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We are committed to eliminating avoidable blindness. With our team of doctors and track record of excellence, you can be rest assured you will get the quality service you desire

Contact lenses

Our Optical Shop has a wide array of frames and lenses including high quality fashion brands. We provide a large selection of today's hottest trends like rimless eye-wear, double laminate plastics, temple adornments and other accessories.

We also provide contact lenses for a variety of therapeutic and refractive conditions. Our specialist will work with you to fit your lenses and provide an orientation on lens insertion and care.  

Pediatrics Services

Our pediatric services are led by our ophthalmologist who have been trained to manage pediatric eye conditions and we offer:

Pediatric refraction and low vision service
Retinopathy of premature screening
Pediatric examination under anaesthesia
Pediatric retina assessment and treatment
Pediatric cataract surgery
Pediatric glaucoma surgery

We are fully set to take care of your vision needs in one stop

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